Rose Kelley, MHA

As the CEO and founder of Lifeline Patient Advocates, LLC, I share my extensive knowledge with those who feel overwhelmed and confused by illness and the healthcare system. I am a private, professional patient advocate with a background in nursing and healthcare administration. I have earned my Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration with a specialization in Organizational Leadership and Change Management from Colorado State University.

I have over 10 years of healthcare experience in different healthcare settings, including:
• Hospitals for Acute Care
• Specialty Hospitals for the Heart
• Orthopedic Surgical Hospitals
• Hospitals for Mental Health and Addiction
• Long-term Care (Nursing and Assisted Living Homes)
• Diagnostic Imaging
• Specialty Pharmacies

This wealth of experience provided me with the ability to understand firsthand the difficulties patients encounter when dealing with the healthcare system and the skills needed to resolve those issues.

Why Use a Personal Patient Advocate?

My Personal Story…

In 2021, my brother-in-law, who had suffered from diverticulitis for years, began experiencing symptoms and went to a nearby hospital. However, the hospital made him wait for days before they were able to schedule his surgery. By the time they attended to him, his condition had worsened, and he was placed in the intensive care unit (ICU) on a ventilator. Living miles away, I contacted the hospital to get more information on my brother-in-law’s status. The doctor on duty informed me that my brother-in-law would likely pass that night and that they needed someone to make decisions for him. He did not have a wife or any children to make those types of decisions. His closest sibling was his older brother, whom he was living with, but he hated hospitals and didn’t want to visit due to COVID-19. My husband and I got into the car and drove three hours to the hospital. When we arrived, the staff explained the severity of my brother-in-law’s condition and asked us to consider stopping his care management, as they believed he wouldn’t make it. Though his vital signs were not promising, I didn’t believe he would pass that night. I felt he was fighting for his life and wanted me to fight for him as well. I told the hospital staff to continue his care management and insisted that they keep my brother-in-law on full code (meaning that if his heart stopped beating or if he stopped breathing, all resuscitation procedures should be provided to keep him alive). The hospital was quick to consider pulling the plug, but I held onto hope. My brother-in-law held on for ten more days before he passed away. After losing my mother, father, and brother-in-law in hospitals, I believe it is my calling to advocate for patients and families, helping them navigate the complex healthcare system.

Mental Health Advocacy – Fighting For Patient Rights

During my graduate program, I was offered an administrative internship position at a behavioral health hospital, which provided a platform for me to participate actively in the organization’s Quality Program which was responsible for incident reports and patient safety. After listening to the concerns of patients and families, I understood the emotional and socioeconomic factors that contribute to patient safety issues in a mental and substance abuse facility. I saw the need for mental health advocacy and wanted to do something about it. I made sure every patient who entered the facility received high-quality care, and that there were no violations of patient rights.

Why I Became A Patient Advocate?

I became a patient advocate after working in the healthcare system and witnessing the challenges that patients and their families face. Through my experiences, I saw firsthand the gaps in communication, the complexities of medical decision-making, and the emotional toll it takes on families. Tragically, I also experienced the loss of my own family members within hospital walls. These experiences fueled my determination to make a difference. As a patient advocate, my mission is to provide support, guidance, and a voice to those navigating the healthcare system, ensuring that no one feels alone or overwhelmed during their healthcare journey.

Greater National Advocates Member

Patient Advocacy Is My Passion!

Let me be your lifeline and advocate for your patient rights. I will be by your side every step of the way!