How Can A Patient Advocate Help My Patients?

Most physicians have patients who are elderly, ill, or frail and have complex medical issues requiring multiple medications, tests, and treatments. Many of these patients don’t have family or loved ones in the North Texas area that are able to attend appointments with them. Even if they do the family may not understand the diagnoses, medications, or treatments any better than the patient.  We can act on the family member’s behalf to help the patients follow through on your instructions and make sure they understand their diagnoses, test results, and medications. We can work with the patient’s adult children to understand what issues they need help with. We will attend appointments, ensure that follow-up appointments are made and kept, prescriptions are filled and taken, and provide a written summary to family members so they are informed and involved.  We can also work with patients on insurance and billing issues.

FAQs About Patient Advocacy

  • We attend appointments with patients and provide written summaries for patients and family/caregivers to assure care quality and continuity.
  • We facilitate open communication between medical providers, patients, and insurance providers to minimize miscommunication and increase efficiency.
  • We assist with pre-appointment planning by working with patients and family or friends to develop a list of questions and concerns for physicians.
  • We accompany patients to the hospital Emergency Room when a family member is out of town or unavailable to assure they receive timely attention.
  • We coordinate appointments, home care, testing, and transportation for patients to ease the stress on family and friends.
  • We communicate with family members/caregivers regarding medical appointments, treatments, and other issues important to the patient.
  • We research diagnoses, treatment options, second opinions, and housing options, to enable patients and families to make well-informed decisions.
  • We assist with medication coordination, making sure physicians are aware of prescribed medications, and that the patient understands his/her prescription and, if needed, coordinate services to administer medications for greater safety.
  • We help find support, educational, and respite care resources for patients and family members to lighten their load.
  • We research and evaluate related services such as elder law firms, emergency response systems, and senior move companies to support patients and families.
  • We schedule appointments with providers to ensure the care needed is the care received.

We are private patient advocates who work for patients and their families.  Our services are not covered by insurance.

We can assist and advocate for:

  • Patients needing help understanding the system
  • Patients undergoing treatment who are too ill or overwhelmed to handle all of the details
  • Patients who need help finding a specialist, getting a second opinion, and researching treatment options
  • Patients recovering from a recent hospitalization who need short term help as they recover
  • Patients and families who need help researching housing options that offer appropriate care and services
  • Out-of-town family who need help managing the care of an aging parent long distance
  • Patients with complex and/or serious medical diagnoses such as diabetes or cancer

Still Have Questions About How We Can Help?

Please contact us if you have questions about how we can help your patient or if you would like more information about what we do. We provide in-person services to patients in North Texas & phone or video conferencing services nationwide.